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Management of teething


The eruption of primary teeth usually begins around 4-8 months of age with the eruption of the lower incisors, and is complete at around 30-36 months of age when second primary molars erupt. However, the timing of tooth eruption varies by as much as six months.

Eruption of teeth (teething) can lead to intermittent localized discomfort, irritability, low-grade fever, sucking of digits and rubbing of gingiva, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, diarrhea and excessive salivation.
Management options include biting or sucking cold not frozen objects including fruits, vegetables or other foods like carrot, cucumber or even cold spoon causes localized vasoconstriction and decreases inflammation; in addition, the pressure on the gums reduces pain. However, it is suggested that these remedies should be used only for children who are able to eat solid foods. Also, foods that are very hard should not be used, to avoid pain caused by bruising the gum. Moreover, parental supervision is needed to prevent choking on small pieces of food.

Teething rings and rubbing the gums reduce gingival irritation and finger sucking. The pressure caused by biting teething rings or pacifiers and gingival massage may decrease pain by overwhelming the sensory receptors. Rings must be soft and BPA free.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to avoid the use of any benzocaine-containing products in infants younger than two years of age owing to a risk of methaemoglobinemia. Lidocaine, and natural products are the best substitutes for infant teething treatment.

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