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Welcome to Bunny Dental Park

Our comforting atmosphere makes every experience fun & safe!

At Bunny Dental Park, we understand how visiting the dentist can be stressful for the kids and parents alike. That’s why we follow a different, yet unique path when it comes to Pediatric Dentistry. Our goal is to craft a pleasant experience for both you and your kids while promoting a positive attitude towards dentistry.


Exceptional services for bigger & brighter smiles

When choosing dental care for your kids, your main goal is to find a dental home that makes your kid comfortable and of course, gentle care is a priority. At Bunny Dental Park, we know how to handle your kid physiologically before we start the treatment phase. The health & well-being of your kid is our priority so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

An office but more like a park!

Crafting fun-filled dental visits in a welcoming space for you & your kids!

A small dental problem can turn into a major issue if not treated early and right so don't let anxiety gets in the way. We understand that kids need a more specialized level of care than normal dental offices and that's what we offer in Bunny Dental Park. We have a skilled team of pediatric dentists equipped with high-quality tools and equipment, making sure to follow the highest level of hygienic standards. We also provide special offers for the parents so they can get quality treatments, along with their kids.

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To make the experience more exciting, we provide a nice playground for the kids to play and have fun. Also, we conquer your kid's fear of dental visits using our cartoon chairs so our clinic is no longer an intimidating place to be in. Who can say No to a thrilling ride on the interactive and cute cartoon chair? Yes, that's a positive distraction!

Why is Bunny Dental Park Different?!

Because our kids’ smiles are important, in Bunny Dental Park, we have our own unique standards to help our children to have easy and interesting experiences during their dental treatment journey.

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The medical standards

Our specialized team has the needed qualifications to treat all kids' dental medical issues with the highest level of professionalism and safety. And this is clear through the profiles of our doctors and assistants. We pride ourselves that our doctors have PhD or Master's degrees in Dental Pediatrician, as well as previous experience of dealing with hundreds of children cases. Also, we have the best assistants with more than 3 years of experience in the same field.

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Safety & hygienic standards

This is guaranteed by setting up our clinics according to the Canadian Safety and Sanitization Protocol, which is the best in the world. We also use materials and tools of the highest quality standards.

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The kids' treatment standards

We give our kids a funny environment that releases them from any stress or fear before, during, and after the medical treatment. We achieve this by:
1- Providing a suitable setup for kids in our clinics.
2- Providing the needed training to our doctors and assistants regarding the children's psychological treatment.
3- Providing different activities in our clinics so our kids feel that they are in an entertainment place not in a clinic.

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Our Goal

At Bunny Dental Park, we strive to change the definition of dentistry in Egypt through a warm, welcoming, and interesting clinic aka a park. All our dentists and assistants work to provide a relaxing environment that makes every experience fun and vibrant for a lifetime of bright smiles.

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We look forward to having you all in our interactive clinic and helping your little kids establish dental health and passion for maintaining a lovely smile for life!

Contact us to know more about our services at Bunny Dental Park. Our schedules are customized to fit busy parents and of course, busy kiddos!

We have lots of Happy Smiles

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I was nervous to take my anxious kid to have a tooth extracted but to my surprise, it went very well. They were easy to schedule and the place was clean & very fun. I appreciate the effort. Thanks.
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Special thanks to all the staff. I didn't know what to expect but seriously, I loved the idea. My 5- year-old kid even loved the place and wasn't afraid at all. I have zero complaints.
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My daughter was crying and by the end of the day, she was happy and giggling. And, that's how I knew that this is the place for me. They have a magical way with kids. I would give 6 stars if I could.

New and Healthy Tips


Management of teething

The eruption of primary teeth usually begins around 4-8 months of age with the eruption of the lower incisors, and is complete at around 30-36 months of age when second primary molars erupt. However, the timing of tooth eruption varies by as much as six months.


Halitosis in children

Halitosis originates from the Latin word “halitus,” which means breath, and the Greek suffix osis refers to a condition or pathologic process. This prevalent disorder, also referred to as bad breath, used to explain the unpleasant breath emitted from the mouth of either oral or nonoral origin that seems unpleasant or offensive to others.


Pit and fissure sealants

Grooves or pits and fissures on occlusal surfaces of primary and permanent posterior teeth trap food debris and promote the presence of bacteria due to their deep and morphological complexity thereby increasing the risk of developing cavities. Effectively penetrating and sealing these surfaces with a dental material like pit-and-fissure sealants providing a physical barrier that inhibits microorganisms and food particles accumulation can prevent lesions.

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Because Our Kids smiles are important, in bunny dental park we have our own unique standards to help our children to have an easy and professional experience during their dental treatment journey.

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